'The Good Wife' recap: Turning Tables

Alicia may not like complications, but it's a good thing Good Wife fans do, because in the last original ep of 2011 -- the next new one airs Jan. 8 -- the show got so much messier. Wendy is after Peter? Diane is Alicia's new mentor? Cary and Dana are playing dirty? Instead of a straight recap this week, let's focus on the five questions we'll be debating with friends over dinner (or scotch) during the next month:

• Are we supposed to be rooting for Peter or not? Seeing Peter want to attend the meeting with the private school he and Alicia are hoping will make an exception and accept Grace and Zach midterm made me think yes. He wants to be a real partner to Alicia when it comes to raising the kids and isn't pressuring her for more at this point. But then, when his charm failed to secure their admission, he resorted to throwing the weight of his title around: He'd done thorough background checks on the teachers -- as a concerned parent -- and found felony DUI, check hiding, and drug charges. "I’m the state’s attorney. You don’t say no to me. And you especially don’t say no to me when it concerns my children. Do you understand? I think the word you’re looking for is yes.... Good. So, we’ll be hearing from you," he said. Read More...



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