'Once Upon a Time' recap: Wolf In Sheep's Skinny Jeans

Well, there you have it. Once Upon A Time's producers have been teasing a major death for weeks, I just never thought they'd be so cruel as to kill one of the best (albeit most ridiculous) characters on the show. The sweater-vest-loving, hopelessly conflicted sheriff with the inexplicable Irish accent is no more, undone by the simple act of falling in love. On a positive note, his death proved once and for all that Regina is just as eeeevil in Storybrooke as she was back in Fairytale. Her actions will definitely have consequences, so yay for plot development! On a negative, much deeper note, Emma (and Shaunna) may never fall in love again, and I thought that this episode, and Graham's death, felt rushed. I would have preferred a slow-burning mystery spread out over several episodes over this dramatic, Nikki and Paulo-style stand-alone sendoff. But, as Emma said, "Not feeling anything is an attractive option when what you feel sucks," so I'm going to turn off my heart-switch and mourn the jaunty sheriff-man at a later date. Read More...



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