Dexter Recap: The Incest Taboo

Unless the title of last night’s episode was meant to suggest a surprise Martin Lawrence cameo, it was safe to assume we’d see a return of the Ice Truck Killer evidence and the Prof’s severed palm. But in what was, for my money, the biggest shock of the season, there was a third hand in play — Dexter’s, as he engaged in some erotic chopstick action with his sister. (Incest is really having a moment.) Travis also tries to gas Miami Metro, LaGuerta’s a dick as usual, the Feds muck up the Doomsday Killer investigation, and a bunch of other stuff happens. Did I mention that Deb dreamed she almost kissed Dexter? No offense taken if you skip the rest of this and head straight for the comment board to talk it out. We all might need some time with Deb’s shrink after that Chinese food scene. (Some free advice, Deb — easy on the beer next time you and your bro hang out.) Read More...


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