Hell on Wheels Review: War and Peace

A war is coming to Hell on Wheels.

Soon enough, the Cheyenne will be raiding the town and attempting to fight off everyone. Did anyone really think that "peace" negotiations would work?

I'm glad that Bohannon laughed at the concept because that's exactly how I was feeling. I know the ideal situation would be to have a calm conversation, work everything out and spare any bloodshed, except life doesn't work like that. Not every party gets what they want and when you have people in power, they are often going to use that power to remove anything from their way.

So, Reverend Cole did get his sit down, but no real settlement came from it. It's actually funny to think that either side would accomplish its goals. Sure, Durant and the government will probably forcefully take what they want, but did he really think that the Chief was going to back down and say, "why, yes, I'd love to live on a reservation and get kicked off my land?" Read More...



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