‘Homeland,’ Season 1, Episode 11, ‘The Vest’: TV Recap

Carrie’s dirty little secret is neither little, nor a secret, and Brody moves ever closer to his endgame, in last night’s penultimate episode of  HOMELAND, "The Vest".

We begin with Saul, who tells an agitated David that the agency must be dealing with a leak, as sixteen outside agencies claimed knowledge that the explosion in Farragut Park was a botched CIA operation.  The fallout extends to Carrie, who’s still in the hospital.  Saul tries to protect her from David, but frankly, that’s the least of his concerns.  As he arrives, Carrie’s in the midst of a full-blown manic episode, freaking the personnel out with her obsession with needing a green pen.  Saul has never seen Carrie like this, and of course, doesn’t know why she’s acting like she is.  Only a small sliver of a window of clarity allows Carrie to tell Saul and the young doctor that her sister Maggie should be called.

Meanwhile, Brody, Jessica and the kids are on a road trip to Gettysburg, their last opportunity to take a little family trip before Brody gets busy with his Congressional campaign.  Jessica and Chris take it as a fun lark, and can only see Brody in a positive light, and on the surface, he is lively and engaged.  But Dana sees a different Brody this trip: distracted, withdrawn and intense, especially at one point where he tells his daughter to promise to take care of her mother when he’s gone (saying "gone" in that double meaning kinda way, naturally).  As they all stop to grab some food, Brody breaks away from the family to pay a Muslim man a visit.  This Muslim is a bomb maker, and Brody is there for a personal fitting of a bomb vest.  Brody, his vest wrapped in brown wrapping, tries to hide the thing, but Dana sees him placing it where the spare tire is.  He says the package is a gift for Jessica.  Hmmm, thinks Dana. Read More...



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