Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 28 Review: The Super Decisive Battle Draws Near!

Krillin takes Gohan to Guru to have his inner power released. They think that since they're far away that Vegeta won't be able to sense their ki. They fly out in full force and that's when Vegeta senses them and starts heading in the direction. Meanwhile somewhere in space, Goku realizes that there are about two days left to get to Planet Namek so he plans to take it easy. He turns off the gravity simulator and once itâ's set back to normal, he realizes how much stronger he's got. He doesn't know what's going on in Planet Namek but we all know he can defeat the Ginyu Force. Anyways, back on Planet Namek, Gohan and Krillin get to the tower but before they do, they realize that Vegeta has sensed their ki and headed their way really fast. Krillin tells him he'll stall him for a bit while Gohan should get what he needs to get done. Vegeta stops where Krillin is and while talking, Vegeta senses a strong increase in ki and thinks it's Goku. Nail is the first to come out, then Gohan. Guru tells Dende to tell everyone that there is a strong force headed to Planet Namek. Dende runs out and informs the group and at first Krillin thinks it's Goku but then realize that there are more than one person coming. Vegeta counts the number of ki and realizes that Frieza has called the Ginyu Force. In a panic, Vegeta tells them that if they give him all the Dragon Balls and let him become immortal/invincible, he promises them that he won't kill them. They start going back and forth, then Nail comments that the three wishes can be granted with the Dragon Balls in Planet Namek. Vegeta also tells them that the Ginyu Force are as strong or stronger than he is, and there are five of them. Reluctantly, they head to where Bulma is. Guru tells Nail to help out the group and relieves him of his position of chief warrior and right hand man. Meanwhile, the Ginyu Force arrive at where Frieza is and make an extravagant entrance that left even Frieza embarrassed. What's going to happen next? I guess we just have to find out on Sunday!

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