'Bag of Bones': Did Pierce Brosnan live up to Stephen King's novel?


Nothing says holiday spirit like a four-hour Stephen King horror-fest on A&E! King's latest TV event, based on his novel "Bag of Bones," began Sunday night. A&E is calling it a mini-series, though it's only a two-night story, with four hours of programming split over Sunday and Monday nights.Keeping in mind the always difficult task of transferring over 500 pages of prose to the screen, "Bag of Bones" had more difficulties in pacing than some of King's previous made-for-TV adaptations. The most obvious problem, as we meandered through the first two hours of the series, was one of pacing.Pierce Brosnan plays Michael Noonan, a novelist plagued by writers' block after his wife's sudden death and some strange circumstances surrounding it. In a novel, you can pull off scene after scene of a writer staring at a blank page, since there's the benefit of an inner monologue. In the mini-series, the wordless scenes dragged on. The...



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