Naruto Shippuden Season 1 Episode 2 The Akatsuki Makes Its Move Episode Recap

Now that Naruto has returned to the Hidden Leaf Village from his approximate three year training, he, and the rest of the village, will soon have to deal with the Akatsuki. Once upon arrival, Jiraiya begins telling Kakashi that Akatsuki has begun to make their move which includes them capturing the tailed beasts. As they agreed Jiraiya returns Naruto's training to Kakashi after the long period of time they spend together. Tsunade decides that it's time to test if Naruto and Sakura are worthy enough to recreate Team Kakashi and hunt Akatsuki. They'll be doing the same test they did the first time they became ninja: take the bell from Kakashi. As Naruto and Sakura succeed, Akatsuki has already planned their first step towards the ultimate dream. In the Hidden Sand Village, two Akatsuki members, Sasori and Deidara, arrive at the gates of the Hidden Sand Village. Their secret agent Yura has already cleared the guards to give them access. As Sasori waits behind, Deidara continues the chase for Gaara and capturing him. After a long and exhausting battle, Gaara is defeated and sent to the Akatsuki hideout, where his Tailed Beast will be sealed. Naruto discovers the unfortunate news and Team Kakashi is sent to rescue Gaara.

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