Bag of Bones Part 2 Review: Custody Has Its Respnsibilities

So much of this miniseries just left me scratching my head. First head-scratcher of the evening? Why did Mattie, who Michael barely knew, go to his house to share good news about her daughter's custody battle? Could she really have that few friends in town? I assumed she grew up there. It was also amazing what his quick run in with Kyra did to derail a multimillionaire's case against his daughter-in-law who killed her husband. It just didn't make sense.

Mattie is pretty, and Michael is hot, so I guess that was good enough for the screenwriters. Two attractive, slightly spunky outsiders come together at time when neither of them have anyone. Seemingly as good a reason as any other, I suppose. I prefer more depth in my relationships, and I just don't feel it here. Read More...


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