Hawaii Five-O Review: Out of The Pan, Into the Fryer

"Alaheo Pau'ole:" Gone Forever

Was this entire episode pieced together from spare parts of better episodes? There were so many disjointed pieces that I nearly got lost along the way. Given the non sequitur nature of the episode, I’m just going to break down the main points.

Lori and Danny Handcuffed: Does anyone have any idea what point there was to Lori and Danny being handcuffed together? Further, what did Steve feeling the need to drop they key off the balcony? The entire scene felt totally out of place.

We have not seen any indication that Lori and Danny would be romantically linked. What the hell is the "Jersey Slip" and why do you need to be handcuffed to another person for it to work. Finally, what type of horrible police officer is Danny that his handcuff key is not on a key ring of any sort and he only has one. While I know some might fault Lori for not having her keys, to be fair she didn't bring her handcuffs, they were Danny's. Read More..



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