Unforgettable “Spirited Away” Review

There’s a line in a famous Christmas song about telling scary ghost stories and I think the writer of this week’s Unforgettable took that idea to heart. "Spirited Away" started in an abandoned mental hospital and ended with a hidden body in the basement of a creepy house. Toss in a psychotic nurse and you’ve got a pretty chilling tale to tell around the fireplace.

Ghost hunters don’t last very long on crime dramas, but the good thing about killing them off (or bad thing from the killer’s perspective) is that they usually leave video evidence behind for the detectives. This week’s murderer got caught by a heat-seeking, Infa-red camera designed to pick up ghosts. Why ghosts are warm enough to show up on such film is beyond me, but I’m not a Hunter. I don’t get the finer details of ectoplasm. Read More...



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