The Biggest Loser, Season 12 Finale Review

Season 12 of The Biggest Loser has come to an end and it is time to crown a new winner.

Before revealing whether John, Antone or Ramon would take home The Biggest Loser crown, we were treated to a performance by Train, previews of Season 13 and of course the best part, a chance to see the eliminated contestants reveal their new looks in something other than a team t-shirt.

The format for the finale was a bit different this year. In past finales, each at-home contestant would come out in their new look, do an interview with Alison and perhaps share a few memories with theirtrainers. That segment would then be followed by those same contestants returning to the stage in their team t-shirts for individual weigh-ins. Like last night’s show, the returning contestants were grouped into sets of three or four. Last night, the contestants came out in groups of three in their new, fancy looks. After completing their individual interviews, Allison then let them know which one of the three would be eligible to do a final weigh-in for the at-home prize. This was a HUGE improvement. I recall in past seasons just fast-forwarding through that entire segment so that I could get to the end of the weigh-in. Last night’s format was much more efficient and for the first time, I watched the entire show without getting bored or feeling like the producers were needlessly filling time. Read More...


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