Criminal Minds “The Bittersweet Science” Review

(Editor’s Note: Your usual Criminal Minds reviewer is out this week, so I will be reviewing it in their stead.)

Go Hotch! After seeing a quick scene of our could-be killer calling his boxing coach and finding blood on his hands, we get the scene that the team can’t stop talking about for the rest of the episode: Hotch got a cute girl’s number! That’s right, this week’s installment of Criminal Minds, "The Bittersweet Science", started out by showing us Hotch actually flirting with a cute girl that he met while jogging. While this was all that the team seemed to talk about in their spare time, it was still a little weird for me to see Hotchner with another woman. It was always a little weird to even see him with Jack and his wife back in earlier seasons, as his character is so emotionless, but I think it’ll be nice to see a different side of him. Plus, those are pretty sweet short shorts he was rockin’. Read More...


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