The X Factor (US) “Top 4 Perform” Review

So this is "final four" week on The X Factor, and as the numbers whittle down, the less interested I find myself in watching this show. It feels like all the really magnetic acts have fallen by the wayside. Sure we’re left with some remarkable talent, but I’m not on the edge of my seat, wondering "What the hell is Astro gonna do tonight?"

That said, there were some excellent performances tonight.

Here’s how I rated ‘em:

1. Josh Krakcik: He started with another Beatles tune, and this one done much better than the last. "Come Together," sung with Krakcik’s gravelly voice, was something striking and new. Even L.A. effused praise, which I didn’t expect (dude seems even more intent on winning than Simon), and it felt like this was a finally a choice Nicole Scherzinger made that wasn’t totally idio—-oh wait. This was a viewer’s choice song. Duh. (We can blame Nicole, who continues to grate on me with her rampant brainlessness, for the inappropriate pyrotechnics.) It makes sense that Josh’s next song, Leonard Cohen’s "Hallelujah," would be a complete miss. Well, except it wasn’t. Dull? Not even a little. Josh’s earthy voice made it soar. As usual, he’s winning despite Scherzinger. Read More...


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