Survivor: South Pacific “Then There Were Five” Review

When you really stop to think about it, it’s quite impressive that the five people we saw forming an alliance on day one are the ones on day 32 who are boasting the episode title in scene one: "Then there were five!" Yes, Survivor returned tonight by showing us the five Upolu members who vowed to stick together returning to camp, and quickly gathered around for one of their awkward impromptu prayers.

After an odd scene of Albert talking about blindsiding Sophie and going with Rick and Coach to the end (Why would you want to go to the end with Coach?!), we get right to the Redemption Island duel! MAN, was that one close! My palms were sweating and my heart was racing, and I totally thought that Edna had it there for a second! I’m sad to see her go, since I thought she really got a raw deal with being the sixth wheel on Upolu, but I’m glad to see Ozzy still going strong! Read More...


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