'Terra Nova' recap: Cry Me a Bucket

Short recap this week. But we're going to introduce the first ever Terra Nova photo contest at the end. Intrigued? Read on.

Pterodactyls soar over the prehistoric landscape. Say goodbye to them, because that's the most dinosaur action you're going to get this hour. The penultimate episode (titled "Within") builds up to next week's two-hourTerra Nova finale by ditching the man vs. wild action and instead sets up a dramatic confrontation between the colonists and a greedy organization looking to plunder the planet's resources.

We settle down into the jungle and get a look at the Stargate portal. Now, I don't think we saw this thing in the pilot, right? It looks like one of those airport-security screening devices that help TSA agents more effectively imagine what you look like naked. We're told that before the portal was built, people time-traveling through the riff would materialize at random locations on the planet. So this receptor helps target the incoming matter to this specific location. Read More...



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