Terra Nova 1.10 "Within" Recap - Shakespearean Bordering on Greek

Terra Nova continues toward the end of its first season order with tonight’s tenth episode "Within," and with it the Terra Nova mole is revealed while Lucas Taylor finishes his calculations to make the time portal go both ways, and Skye (Allison Miller) faces a difficult decision about what to do with her information as Taylor and Jim close in on her identity.

Taylor and Jim examine the portal terminus that brings people from 2149, oblivious to how the device actually works noting that prior to its existence the time fracture would spit people out in erratic locations.  With the 11th pilgrimage due in mere days, Taylor orders Jim to step up his hunt for Terra Nova’s mole.  Jim goes through some of the last names on his list, including the actual mole Skye, but the girl claims to have been with his son Josh playing chess at the time in question. Read More...



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