'Community' behind-the-scenes of the holiday episode


The "Community" holiday episode was one of our favorites of all time. We're so bummed that this may be our last chance to see the gang all together. If the worst happens though, at least they went out with a bang. (It better not happen though. Do you hear us, NBC?)We've got a fantastic video for you, with some behind-the-scenes footage and original lyrics from the musical episode, featuring creator Dan Harmon with a very cute toothpick. (You'll get it when you watch.)Check out how the songs changed throughout shooting. You also get to watch Ken Jeong get slapped in the head by Crystal the monkey who plays Annie's Boobs in the show. Please note, there is a tiny bit of cursing towards the end of the clip. Fun fact: Crystal has only relieved herself on two actors. Ken Jeong and Robin Williams. You're welcome. ...



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