Naruto Shippuden Season 1 Episode 3 The Results of Training Episode Recap

As Naruto and Sakura get ready to face off against Kakashi, Kakashi reveals that this time he will be using his Sharingan, making things a lot more difficult. Before Kakashi even has a chance to say go Naruto attacks by throwing some Shuriken at Kakashi, Kakashi counters with his own, but Naruto uses his shadow clone jutsu to get out of the way and uses another one to get behind Kakashi. Kakashi then remarks that Naruto's timing with the shadow clone jutsu has improved drastically.

In the hidden sand village, Sasori and Deidara are getting ready to infiltrate the village. Deidara creates a clay bird and climbs on it. He then begins flying around the hidden and village in the hopes of finding Gaara, who has The ichibi, the one-tailed beast.

The training continues, and to the surprise of everyone, Sakura punches the ground and smashes it, revealing Kakashi who is hiding in the ground. Naruto makes a mental note to never act stupid around Sakura again or she will kill him.

Well circling the hidden sand village, Deidara notices three guards who are looking up to the sky. Using three clay spiders, he kills the guard by having them blow their faces off. Gaara looks out the window to see Deidara's bird, although he can not know it is Deidara because he is so far away.

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