Two and a Half Men 9.12 "One False Move, Zimbabwe!" Review

There's no stopping Walden when it comes to commitment. On last week's episode of Two and a Half Men, he took Zoey on an extravagant dinner to Mexico on his private jet, where he told her that he pulled some strings to get her kid into the school she wanted. This week, it's Christmas and he got her a key to his house. Zoey doesn't accept, and she thinks it's too early to spend Christmas with each other's families.

As for the Harper family, Alan is trying to convince his mom that they should spend Christmas together since it's the first one without Charlie. She has no interest—she'd rather be with the men she hooked up with. Jake is doing what only children of divorcees can do: tell his mom he's going to his dad's house, tell his dad he's going to his mom's house, and spend Christmas hanging out with a friend in the same situation. Read More...


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