The League “The Guest Bong” Review

This week’s theme of The League seemed to be stuff that happens to everyone. The League went after some of the more common issues facing the American working man these days… and getting high. One felt a little stale, one was handled beautifully, and the other just made my head hurt.

I typically love it when we start with a Ruxin video rant, but this week Ruxin seemed hell-bent on attacking everyone’s sensibilities. While the video rant encompassed a lot of what we love about Ruxin, the unfortunate content landed him in a meeting with HR chairperson for his firm. Nonetheless, I have to side with Ruxin in this case. Who doesn’t run afoul of their company’s email policy from time to time? In any event, I kept waiting to see how this issue would resolve itself. Though there wasn’t any real resolution, Ruxin running into the HR person at a community theater play and insisting that HR person’s son’s acting ruined Christmas was priceless. It may have caused him to get another letter in his HR file, but the comedy was well worth it. Read More... 


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