It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, “High School Reunion Part 2? – Season 7 Finale Review

In the season 7 finale of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, we picked up where we left off last week with the gang going through their respective moments of humiliation at the hands of the "cool kids." As expected, the reunion plan shifts from gaining popularity to getting vengeance. As his contribution to therevenge plot, Dennis proclaims that he’s "gonna bang Tom Murphy’s black wife." Despite ultimately failing at this effort, Dennis was the only member of the gang who really had a well-defined, focused plan. In particular, Dee was all over the place. She initially set her sights on seducing Tom Murphy, which Dennis promptly shut down and then she took a turn at resurrecting the old pastime of teasing Fatty McGoo. The only problem with that plan is that Fatty is no longer a "fatty," thus rendering the entire effort pointless.

Meanwhile, Ronnie the RatRonald McDonaldBig Mac, Mac decides that he and Charlie should reunite the "Freight Train." Apparently the Freight Train was a motley crew of high school outcasts, including someone who ate his family for Christmas dinner and a guy who is now dead. Although the Freight Train was not successful in dishing out a dose of comeuppance to the cool kids, they did manage to get a little revenge on Dee for her horrible behavior in her attempt to join the cool kids and her subsequent refusal to dislodge Frank, Mac and Charlie (and their painfully wedgied butts) from the bathroom stalls. In fact, Dee was the only person on the receiving end of a wedgie doled out by the gang. Read More... 


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