Grimm “Let Your Hair Down” Review

Monroe found someone to love! Well, sort of. On this week’s episode of Grimm, Nick and Hank begininvestigating the murder of a drug dealer that’d been living deep in the woods. It turns out he was strangled (and WOW was his broken neck gruesome), and forensics ran the hairs found on his body to discover that they belonged to an old missing person’s case. Holly disappeared when she was seven and has been missing for nine years. She’s been living in the forest, and pretty much kills people with her hair like some deranged Rapunzel. Hence the episode title: "Let Your Hair Down" (yes, I know the line is "let down you hair, but I didn’t write the episode).

While Nick is taking a peek around the crime scene, he ends up seeing the girl and knows that she is the same creature as Monroe. So what does Nick do? He heads to Monroe’s home and interrupts his Christmas decorating. However, being the good friend that Monroe is, he heads into the woods with Nick while Hank researches old suspects from Holly’s case. Read More... 


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