Survivor: South Pacific “Loyalties Will Be Broken” Review

All right, guys. I have over 20 people in my house right now, two dogs, and a bunch of stuff going on at my semi-annual Survivor finale viewing party. So, I’m going to get through my review of "Loyalties Will Be Broken" and leave my thoughts on the winner and the season in general.

We had a couple great challenges here! The Redemption Island duel was down to the wire and so much fun to watch, as everybody in my house was screaming their heads off and hoping that Ozzy wins. After that we had an incredibly close card house building game that gave Ozzy his much needed immunity necklace, and followed that up by another incredibly close relay race challenge! Everybody in my housewas freaking out during all of these challenges, and the fact that they all were so close made the finale so amazing.

When Ozzy lost the final challenge, it was pretty obvious he was going to go home. I really hoped that Coach would win. I know that some might not like him, but he completely controlled this game from the beginning. I’d rather see Sophie win than Albert, so I guess I got the second best possible solution. Read More... 


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