One Piece, Season 10 Episode 429 Review: A Special Presentation Related to the Movie!

The second part of the episode focuses on Yoko as we see more of her past and time with her Marine father. All of it is to try and build more of a connection for her with the Giant Beetle which is really hard to care about in the slightest. And that's really summed up this entire arc. One Piece was a show I was really leery of when I first started it back at episode one, but it grew on me. And in leaping ahead to the new stuff, I was really into the Impel Down storyline. Thankfully, I know that this arc is out of the norm and I'm not viewing it as anything other than what we used to get in comic books prior to a big maxi-series event tie in. But like those stories, this is all fluff and it only served to push me away rather than draw me in and has me ready to shy away even faster the next time around. Next week can't come soon enough.

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