'The Secret Circle' E.P. talks fan interaction, dark magic, and romantic entanglements


If you're missing "The Secret Circle," don't worry -- you're not alone. Even executive producer Andrew Miller is counting down the minutes to the January 5 mid-season premiere. We caught up with him for a bit of a check-in now that the freshman series has found its footing, and he admitted that the hiatus is getting under his skin a bit."It's so weird!" he laughs. "We're used to seeing a response from the audience so quickly, and being able to read Price Peterson's recaps."Miller is, of course, referring to the laugh-out-loud funny recaps that Peterson does for TV.com (they're so good, you guys). But you don't have to be a big-time internet celebrity like Peterson to catch the attention of "The Secret Circle" writers -- they're always checking what fans are saying on twitter, on forums, and in their elaborate fan videos. "We're so excited for the show to come back, because as we keep...



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