'Survivor: South Pacific': God is like, 'Don't drag me into this'


"Survivor: South Pacific" goes completely off the rails tonight. I don't even know, y'all. Strap in, this is a long recap.Te TunaThe final five are quite congratulatory and Coach is going on about "honor and integrity," then Brandon rounds up a group prayer. But then - it's game on. Albert is targeting Sophie in a big way.In the morning, Albert lays out Sophie's resume and says how dangerous she is as a person to be sitting with at the end. I totally get him. If I were Albert, I'd want to be sitting with Brandon and Rick. Brandon's insane and Rick hasn't done anything, that's money in the bank and Albert knows it. Redemption IslandIt's Ozzy vs. Edna, which would seem like a very uneven match-up, but it's two puzzles split up by a hatchet chop. So Edna has a chance. Ozzy gets his hatchet out of the slide puzzle first and Edna seems way...



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