Recap: 'Top Chef' - 'Game On'

"Top Chef" 

As Edward points out, we're down to the dirty dozen. And speaking of dozen (or more), I'm keeping an eye on Padma. Since she admitted that she gains about 15 pounds during a season and just relies on clever, loose-fitting outfits to conceal her fuller form, I'm intrigued. Considering she always looks pretty amazing (and skinny), I'm thinking we all might be able to pick up some post-holiday fashion tips if she's really this skillful at concealment. So go ahead, down that eggnog! Grab a turkey leg! But then again, I'm not ruling out that Padma just has a closet full of Spanx that she's not copping to, so maybe proceed at your own risk. 

Before we get started, Nyesha comments on Heather's nastiness toward Beverly. She thinks Heather lacks integrity in how she treats other people, and I have to say, I'm sort of siding with Nyesha. If we only saw random  moments of Heather bullying Beverly I would be willing to chalk up her behavior to editing, but it seems like everyone else (except for Ty-lor) thinks she's a pill, too. Not everyone should compete on a reality TV show as your worst moments are preserved for all eternity, and I think Heather may be one of those people. Read More...


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