'Criminal Minds' Recap: The Bittersweet Science of Blood

'Criminal Minds' Recap: The Bittersweet Science of Blood

On this week's episode of Criminal Minds, the team travels to Philadelphia for a case, and Hotch (Thomas Gibson) makes a new friend.

Beth Has Arrived 

Yes, Hotch's new love interest is finally here and their first meeting is cute, if awkward. Hotch has been training for a triathlon and Beth has spotted him while training herself. Hotch seems rather thrown when Beth begins to flirt with him, but he leaves things open-ended and Beth gives him her card. 

Later, we see Rossi (Joe Mantegna) tease Hotch about the meeting, saying that distraction can be a good thing. 

Not Exactly New Territory 

The UnSub in this episode is a boxer with a love of violence, something that is not quite unheard of. The UnSub, Jimmy, murders two men in a blind rage and it triggers his blood lust. The more Jimmy kills, the more he likes it and the less remorse he feels. As Jimmy is prone to rage, it does not take much to set him off and make him attack someone.  Read More...



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