'Top Chef' Recap: The Dirty Dozen

'Top Chef' Recap: The Dirty Dozen 

This week, the magic elves at Bravo tried to get the very talented cheftestants to screw up over one ingredient. As Ed said, "The best chef doesn't necessarily win. You have one night off and you're gone!" 

So the producers tried to push the contestants to have that one night off. First up: the obligatory endorsement of the week, courtesy of Don Julio Tequila. The chefs had to choose one type of tequila and create a complementary dish. Grayson and Ed, being from parts of the country where brown liquor is more widespread, were supposed to have the most difficulty, but as it turns out they weren't really in that much danger. 

No Beach Bum 

A lot of fish dishes were paired up with the tequila: salmon, scallops, clams, shrimp, cod, caviar, oysters ... In the end, fish was on the winning side. Chris C's raw oysters, Lindsay's salmon and Ty's "intimate dish created on a beach in Thailand" were successful, with Ty winning the $5,000 at stake. Ty is definitely no beach bum. Heather's shrimp, Chris J's overcooked chicken and Sarah's risotto were at the bottom.  Read More...



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