Survivor: Survivor South Pacific 23.14 "Then There Were Five" Recap

This penultimate episode of this twenty-third season of Survivor opens on Night 32 with Te Tuna returning to camp.  The Final Five relish the fact that they have stayed true to each other since the first day.  Of course, Brandon wants to pray, and of course, Coach knows that the real game begins now.  Albert and Sophie contemplate who to vote out if Ozzy comes back.  They toss around Rick and Brandon's names, but then Albert confesses to the camera that although she doesn't know it, Sophie is the next to go.

The next morning, Day 33, Coach tells Sophie that his head was spinning all night.  Albert tells the camera that though he planned on going to the end with Coach and Sophie, the latter has been building too much of a resume.  Albert needs to adapt his game to the players around him, and this calls for taking Rick to the end.  He figures Rick is the least dangerous player left in the game.  Who is the most dangerous?  Likely the one playing in the...


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