'American Horror Story' recap: What Child Is THIS?!

The year is 1984. It is morning again in America, or so the President claims. Born in the U.S.A. "Like A Virgin." Purple Rain. TheMac revolution begins with a hammer blow toBig Brother. A panic of Satanism and child abuse shocks the nation. The year’s top grossing movie teaches the world to sing a question: When there’s something strange in your neighborhood… Whoyougonnacall?

Constance Langdon -- one year after shooting her cheating husband, Hugo, and grinding his corpse into dog food -- is passed out drunk on the couch. Bills she can’t pay are piled on the table, next to the solitaire game she hasn’t finished. Soon she will lose this house built by abortionist and monster maker Dr. Charles Montgomery. Before then, she will lose her son’s heart to that dead man’s dead wife. Oh, well. Gotta cut that cord sooner or later, right, Constance? Read More...



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