Dragon Ball Season 2 Review

It was around this batch of episodes that I originally started to find Dragon Ball really appealing back when I picked up some of the old FUNimation releases years ago that made no sense when it came to what order to watch them. The thirty episodes on this set covers a whole lot of ground, or at least introduces quite a few new characters and settings, as Goku continues on his hunt for his grandpa's memento that he simply doesn't want to be without. And considering that Goku really doesn't have any attachment to anything other than getting some food in his belly, it's hard to really complain that he's a one trick pony over it or obsessive.

Much of these episodes, almost all of them in fact, deal with Goku searching for the on dragon ball he wants but invariably finding the others. And he's continually stymied by the Red Ribbon Army that keeps showing up and trying to take them from him as well as taking his radar. Initially he has to deal with Colonel Silver, which rounds out the storyline from the previous volume with Pilaf and his foolishness with the dragon balls, and then he gets to move on to his next opponent. This one is actually an area that I enjoyed because it kept Goku in one place for a bit and threw some different things at him, including snow. The lad hadn't seen any before and his reactions are simple but cute as he begins to understand what it means to be cold when he heads up north to find the next ball.

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