Hell On Wheels “Revelations” Review

This last episode of Hell On Wheels (not forever, alas, it’s just going on hiatus) ended with Cullen and Elam riding off into the sunset. I think that’s all I have to say about it, because I can’t imagine there’s a single being with a beating heart who cares about Durant’s weird proposal to Lily Bell or his business ventures or the Irish guys who half-hanged Elam or anything, for that matter, which happened in this episode.

I did not have to review this show. I wanted to because I was desperately looking forward to it. I loveDeadwood but Deadwood was not so much about expansionism and industrialized world conquering the pastoral, or about two cultures clashing. It was more about corrupt civilizations within an insular society. It was a David Milch show and therefore it was very much about human society destroying itself from the inside out. While I love Deadwood, I was hoping that Hell On Wheels could be something more similar to Battlestar Galactica except with gunfights and horses instead of Cylons and battleships. Read More...



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