Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 30 Review: The Hellish Recoome! Keep Me Entertained, Vegeta-chan

The battle Recoome and Vegeta starts and it seems at first that Vegeta is pushing. However, it is quickly revealed that Recoome is extremely tough and nothing works against him. At the start Recoome tells Gohan and Krillin to join in as well but they can't even move for the first little while. Then when they notice that Vegeta is far too hurt to miss an attack from Recoome, they come up with a scheme where Gohan would save Vegeta and Krillin would stomp on Recoome's head. The plan works but Recoome still looks totally unphased, just pissed that he lost a few teeth. Krillin is down after one hit from Recoome. Gohan holds on a little longer but in the end, his attempt is gone to waste after Recoome kicks him resulting in breaking his neck. It seems like the end for these guys but then a capsule lands nearby. Goku has arrived! Let's take of these guys Goku!

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