Terra Nova “Occupation; Resistance” Review

Well, this is it you guys.! This is possibly the last time we’ll be seeing Terra Nova, so the two part season finale, "Occupation; Resistance", is forced into a difficult position. On one hand, you have to conclude the story as best you can in case the show is cancelled and give us as much closure as possible. On the other hand, you need to leave the story open enough in case you are renewed for a second season.

With all that said, there’s one thing you definitely can say about Terra Nova: They’re not afraid to make big moves. I mean, nine minutes into the episode the entire colony has been overrun and occupied by Lucas Taylor’s army. After the explosion at the portal, I thought that we might get to see what happened between the Phoenix army and the colonists, but it was actually very effective the way they did it. Seeing Shannon stumbling out of the medical center and seeing all of the destruction and smoldering ruins around him was one of the best scenes we’ve had on this show so far. After getting us viewers invested in this location and the characters, seeing these buildings burned and devastated was a very powerful visual. Read More...



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