Naruto Shippuden Season 1 Episode 5 The Kazekage Stands Tall Episode Recap

Deidara realizes the seriousness of the situation he is in as he is caught by Gaara's sand. Just when Kankuro and Gaara think it's over Deidara is able to break free with some of his explosive clay. The village ninja's are kind of shocked that this has happened but are confident in Gaara nonetheless. As Deidara freefalls over the city Gaara's sand catches his leg.

As Deidara is about to be thrown back into his sand prison He summons another bird to ride of from his clay and distracts the sand with another small bird as he escapes it's grasp. As they continue there game of cat and mouse in the sky Sakura and Naruto Can't help but get a few jags in at Kakashi for losing the bell test. Naruto also reveals that he never even read the whole book and they knew Kakashi would fall for it if they just said the name of the book. Suddenly Tsunade appears from her hiding place where she watched the entire thing and announces that after seeing Naruto's and Sakura's improvement they are now team Kakashi. Kakashi goes on to explain that they are no longer teacher and Student but equal Konoha shinobi. Naruto is pumped and Jiraiya who has been watching from afar can only smile.

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