Spoilers! American Horror Story Finale Pics and Previews - How Will it End?

American Horror Story's pre-finale "Birth" took the life of another Harmon, maybe even two, and seemed to setup an inescapable outcome for Ben.  With Vivien and Violet dead, it would seem Ben's state of mind would predictably bring him to want to be with his family for all eternity.  Check out this preview from the American Horror Story season one finale, "After Birth".

It would seem that Ben is still rejecting the reality of Murderhouse, but look at the scene in another context and ask yourself:  what if he has accepted the reality of the house?  Could Ben's intent for the child be for both of them to join Vivien and Violet, becoming eternal residents of the house?  It seems that the American Horror Story writing staff has backed themselves into corner here, with a full out Harmon expunging being the only logical conclusion.  However, with the weight of that certainty of a 'full reset' for season 2 hanging so heavily in fans' minds - how fantastic would it be if the ending of American Horror Story's first season went in an entirely different direction?  It could be wishful thinking, but I think the possibility of bringing at least some of the Harmons back next season, and establishing a new chapter in the supernatural arc, already exist in the DNA of the show. Read More...



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