Person of Interest 1.10 'Number Crunch' Review

One of the disadvantages of the machine is that it’s entirely unpredictable. This week’s Person of Interest resulted in not one, but four numbers being given out all at once as Reese and Finch race to figure out why those four people were chosen before time is up for all of them. Over at the police precinct, Det. Carter has to deal with the aftermath of being last week’s number from the machine as internal affairs starts snooping around to figure out the exact nature of the interactions between Carter and her ‘special forces man in the suit.’

As Person of Interest unfolds during its first season, it’s continued to impress with how they lay out their story each week, and how they manage to use the procedural elements to push the overall arc forward. With ‘Number Crunch’ especially the creators of the series kept the intrigue going as during the POI, or rather POI’s, of the week segments there was a good amount of mystery built with the use of repeated bits of surveillance footage of a car crash. Slowly the pieces are put together that a congressman’s son, coked-out and in a hurry to get out of the country, flipped his car in the middle of the road. The crash was found by four people and it turns out about a million dollars as well which was divided up between them all. Read More...


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