Work of Art's Lola on Jerry's Guilt, Her Deal with Kymia and What Happened with The Sucklord

Heading into the final judgment on Wednesday's Work of Art, Lola Thompson, the mischievous and provocative artist whose mom dated Al Pacino for a decade, believed her conceptual portrait of a couple of historian-collectors had a real shot at making the Final 3. And the episode, indeed, painted the judges as having to make a tough call whilst evaluating the portraits of people found in the village of Cold Spring, N.Y. No one stuck out for being exceptional or a total flop. "It felt like that. I don't think any of us really knew what was going to happen," Thompson, 24, said. "I was definitely surprised. I was sort of hoping and thinking maybe I would make it to the finale. So, it was really sad when I didn't."

Thompson, who says she's currently working as a nanny for "two gorgeous young girls," spoke with about giving judge Jerry Saltz (unintentional) grief over her elimination, why it appeared she threw Dusty under the bus, and the real deal between her and Kymia. Plus: Her final word on The Sucklord.


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