Saturday Night Live Recap: Jimmy Fallon Returns in Triumph

The worst kinds of Saturday Night Live hosts are the ones who make it obvious that they haven’t learned their lines, didn’t go along with producers’ ideas, or don’t evince a sense of humor. (Sometimes, a host will evince all three of these traits: I’m glaring at you, Robert De Niro.) So given that Jimmy Fallon is the exact opposite, it logically follows not just that his hosting début would be the best of the season so far, but that it would be the best episode in recent memory. Unfortunately, one of the night’s strongest sketches — the charming opening monologue — didn’t make it online (probably due to music-clearance issues), so you’ll have to trust me that it featured Fallon’s pretty great singing voice, nodded at his history on the show, and ended with the whole cast dancing onstage with an infectious giddiness. Fortunately, there are many other high points to celebrate (as well as a few lows we can’t ignore).

Best Homecoming:
Given the way Fallon’s enlisted his former SNL cohorts in Late Night bits like "Jersey Floor," it was no surprise that many show alumni returned to the show to join their old friend. I predicted that Fallon and his erstwhile co-anchor Tina Fey would do a bit on Weekend Update; I never dared to hope that another ex-anchor, Amy Poehler, would join the two of them AND current Update anchor Seth Meyers for a no-holds-barred joke-off. This is the sketch everyone will be talking about on Monday. Read More...


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