Homeland Season One Finale Review: Marine One

None of my scenarios when I dared imagine the finale of Homeland started as did "Marine One." The Brody in my head would not have filmed that video. Eighty three children killed at the hands of the Vice President of our United States wouldn't be a free pass to kill anyone in our country. Even after the idiots admitted it in the car, I found them abhorrent, but wouldn't kill a bunch of other innocent people so they could pay for their involvement.

What has been missing from Homeland has been the atrocities that normally are committed by a country against their own citizens. Some of the images coming out of Egypt this weekend have been horrific. An army that once stood on the side of their country's protesters have now turned violently against them. If Nicholas Brody thinks he was not brainwashed, then he is sorely mistaken.

Every day the media in our various countries brainwash us in one direction or the other, and those directions fluctuate depending upon where the story lies. Something we have to remember. What upsets more people, and makes more of them want to tune into their news? That's their focus. Read More...



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Aug 22, 2012 1:33AM EDT

no good deed or bad deed goes UN-punished, will crazy Carrie remember that Nazir and Nick did know each other because OF HIS CHILD Issi that was killed.

Ok so his daughter was able to stop him from bombing the bunker but will he still be praying to Allah to come up with how to kill an idea and not a man?

Sure kill off the wild card Tom walker even in this show the black man is used as an pawn to be easily disposed of.. Can't wait till season 2 what will the terrorist plot be I hope the there is a fully fleshed out storyline bible for this show.

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