'Homeland' finale: Brody's (and Showtime's) masterstroke


In the end, Sgt. Nicolas Brody (Damian Lewis) didn't detonate a room full of the most powerful government officials in the United States. He came thisclose, but a glitch derailed his first attempt to trigger his explosive vest and an impeccably-timed call from his daughter shut down his second -- and final -- attempt.Sunday's (Dec. 18) "Homeland" finale on Showtime left us -- despite a season's worth of twists and turns -- exactly where we were at the close of the first episode: wondering if Marine Sgt. Nicolas Brody is a terrorist.Is he still a pawn in Abu Nazeer's game of high stakes chess with the United States or has finally overcome his years of captivity, brainwashing and the death of his student (and Nazeer's son) to run his own game? He believes in a cause, but it's possible that it has diverged from Nazeer's. Brody loves his family and, for him, killing himself and...



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