Homeland Finale Recap: The Trigger Effect

To put the Homeland Season 1 finale into the context of the great atrocities of our time, Homeland DID tell us who killed Rosie Larsen. They just didn't want to let the investigation end.

I've referenced The Killing throughout these recaps both because it's the most hilariously petulant the Internet has ever gotten about a TV show, but also because it's the cautionary tale of the moment, leaving every other drama on TV quaking in their boots about failing to deliver what the audience is expecting in the finale. In the case of Homeland, that would be an attack on American soil. (Err, another one, I guess, though nobody seems to think the suicide bombing in Farragut Park was not as big a deal as it could have been.) And technically, we got that. But Homeland opted to have their cake and eat it, too, leaving both Brody and Carrie in place to resume their twisted pas de deux next season, and in doing so, attempting to do exactly what The Killing did: extend the premise of the first season into the second. Obviously, Homeland isn't going to catch hell for its finale the way The Killing did. For one thing, The Killing had been savaged for weeks prior to the finale. For another, this is still a pretty great finale. Read More...



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