Survivor: South Pacific 23.15 "Loyalties Will Be Broken" & Reunion Recap

If you don't know how we arrived at this season's finale episode, take a look at last week's recap.

The final episode of the season begins (after a season recap) on Redemption Island and Brandon's arrival.  He says it hurts that he was stabbed in the back by his friends but he stands by his convictions.  Ozzy doesn't have much sympathy for a blind faith game.  Human beings are greedy and want that money!  Back at Te Tuna, Sophie thinks Tribal Council was fantastic.  Brandon is gone, and Albert chickened out in front of the Jury by not giving back the Immunity Necklace.   Coach rips into Albert for lying to him, declaring he will not be made a fool.  Albert, for his part, knows he needs to get back in the good graces of his tribe. Read More...


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