Early Impressions: Dance in the Vampire Bund

In the modern day, vampires live among humans without them even knowing. Recently in the Suginami neighborhood of Japan, women have been attacked and killed, left with two strange puncture wounds on their necks. Does this mean that humans and vampires are starting to come into closer contact? All that and more is discussed as episode one presents itself as a Japanese entertainment discussion program featuring lots of inane host banter and a panel that includes the smart scientist, dim female idol and dreamy male idol. When Mina Tepes, queen of all vampires, makes her presence known however, what started as a silly little TV show will bear witness to the creation of a new world.

Good and the Bad

As this episode started playing, I found myself confused. Wasn't I supposed to be watching some dark vampire series? As the episode progressed however, hints were dropped and I knew I wasn't going anywhere for the next half hour. For the first few minutes, watching this episode feels like the entertainment program portion is never going to end. But just as quickly, one moment then completely changes the tone from waiting for one chapter to end into anticipating the next chapter beginning.

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