'Survivor: South Pacific's' Brandon Hantz: 'It was a bitter vote'


Brandon Hantz was the last "Survivor: South Pacific" castaway eliminated before the Final Five. He tells Zap2it he enjoyed his time on the show and why he voted for Sophie.Are you glad you did "Survivor," was it everything you hoped it would be?"Yeah, man. I really enjoyed my experience being on this season. It was more than what I thought it was going to be. It'd definitely been cool, everyone's been real great. I made a lot of good friends. It's just awesome to be a part of the 'Survivor' family now."During the last tribal council, you looked so shocked when Sophie revealed Coach found the Idol before you thought he did. How did that make you feel?"I'm so used to it now, having that disappointment. I'm ready now for somebody to jump out and say, 'I stabbed you in the back.' It's kind of an every-episode occurrence now, but that was a little bit...



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