Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Rumpelstiltskin's Backstory & the Fallout From Graham's Death

Once Upon a Time gave us a shocking closing scene in its midseason finale.  After seeing how the Evil Queen hired the Huntsman to kill Snow White after her father's death, we learned that he was unable to go through with it.  And guess who was the Huntsman?  None other than Sheriff Graham in Storybrooke.  Coincidentally, Graham was the first Storybrooke resident to truly remember his fairytale past.  Throughout the episode he kept remembering flashes of his previous life, but he finally remembered everything when Emma kissed him.

Regina, obviously, was displeased by this turn of events.  Not only was Graham remembering his true past a threat to her curse, but she was also jealous that he had turned away from her in favor of Emma.  We saw that a piece of the fairytale world beyond Snow White's coffin was buried within Storybrooke: the Evil Queen's vault.  One of the boxes in the vault contained the Huntsman's heart and she crushed it, thus killing Graham in Storybrooke.  Fortunately, the Huntsman's tale isn't finished and we may see him popping up again in the fairytale world.  For a more detailed recap of the last episode, read our review. Read More...



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