Naruto Shippuden Season 1 Episode 4 The Jinchuriki of the Sand Episode Recap

As soon as Deidara begins feeding his mouth hands clay, Gaara goes on the offensive and sends his sand after the Akatsuki member. Deidara jumps onto his bird and begins flying all throughout the village with Gaara's sand right behind him. Just when Deidara believes that he is in the clear, he's attacked from all sides. While Deidara is a bit surprised that Gaara was able to notice him so quickly, Gaara tells him that birds like the one that Deidara is riding do not exist in the desert. Begin episode.

Gaara jumps onto a pillar of sand that begins to ascend into the air until he is level with Deidara. A Suna guard overhears the commotion and comes outside, only to encounter one of the men who had been blown away by Deidara's clay spiders. Kankuro speaks with another guard about how nothing big should have happened, since Yura was known for keeping the village's security up. Yura, however, is nowhere to be found, since he is currently with Sasori, who tells Yura that he should return to his village because there will be even more problems if the villagers found out he was involved with Akatsuki.

Back in the air, Gaara summons a large wave of sand to overtake Deidara.

Back with the bell test, Naruto and Sakura still have not gotten the bells from Kakashi yet, and dawn will be coming soon. When Sakura goes on for the strike, Kakashi kicks her and its revealed that it was only one of Naruto's shadow clones that transformed into Sakura. The real one comes from above with her fist radiating with chakra. Kakashi narrowly avoids the punch as it creates a huge crater in the ground.

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