The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Beautiful Wickedness

Wow. So! What do you think was the most uncomfortable moment of last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

  1. Kyle working herself up into a martyrish lather, crying her lashes onto her cheeks because it was awkward to tell the Armstrongs they couldn’t come into her White Party?
  2. A mentally ill and substance-riddled Kim nonsensically lashing out at a perfectly calm and apologetic Brandi?
  3. Russell and Taylor Amstrong smooching lasciviously en route to Kyle’s party, after deciding they need to have more fun, now that Russell is done being a "bad boy"?
  4. Realizing Mauricio is the kind of hot guy who wears a chunky, corded necklace with an open shirt?

Any of these answers are correct, up to and including footage of Lea Michele proving, on the post-show Watch What Happens Live finale, that she is the most irritating person on God’s green earth. I know I’m the last one to come around to this revelation, but Jesus H. Christmas, are all Stagedoor Manor alumnae so grating, you could use their personalities to get cheese ready for nachos? Read More...


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